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We take pride in the Pediatric Occupational Therapists who evaluate and treat our New Jersey-based children with
a variety of special needs and diagnoses. These specialized therapists help children maximize functional and
age-appropriate skills through the use of therapeutic play, exercise, and adaptation of the environment.

Occupational Therapy focuses on a child’s neuromotor development, sensory integration, fine motor skills, self-care and play skills. At Bloomfield Institute of Therapy, our occupational therapists are specialized in sensory integration in order
to address your child’s unique sensory needs in our sensory gym. Treatment is designed to provide challenging therapeutic activities with an enriched sensory experience in order to maximize your child’s ability to participate in daily life activities. Occupational therapy helps children who are having difficulty participating in normal daily “occupations”
of childhood. This includes play skills, self-help skills, self-care activities, social-emotional development and learning.

Who can benefit from Occupational Therapy Services?
Children require occupational therapy for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • Gross and fine motor delays
  • Sensory processing delays
  • Sensory defensiveness
  • Visual perceptual deficits
  • Decreased attention and focus
  • Coordination difficulties
  • Handwriting deficits
  • Social interaction
  • Clumsy or poor balance
  • Low muscle tone
  • Poor endurance
  • Poor motorplanning new activities
  • Anxious or resistant to new activities
  • Difficulty transitioning
  • Poor organizational skills
  • Craving for, or hypersensitivity to: movement, heights, touch from others, feel of clothes, tastes/textures
    of foods, sounds, and smells
  • Poor awareness of surroundings or attention to detail
  • Hyperactive, distractible, or lethargic behaviors
  • Easily frustrated (showing withdrawn or aggressive behaviors)
  • Difficulty calming down or falling asleep
  • Difficulty with coloring, cutting or handwriting skills

Comprehensive Assessment Includes:

  • Neuromuscular status
  • Gross motor skills
  • Coordination and balance
  • Fine motor skills
  • Handwriting performance
  • Sensory processing
  • Visual motor/ visual perceptual skills
  • Activities of daily living
  • Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests

Therapeutic Intervention:

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Sensory Integration (SI)
  • Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT)
  • Visual Motor & Visual Perceptual Skills
  • Handwriting Without Tears/ Handwriting Support
  • Daily Living Activities
  • Upper extremity strength and endurance
  • Core Strengthing
  • Endurance Activities needed for School Aged Children
  • Motor Planning
  • Balance/Coordination Activities

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