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Adult/Orthopedic Center
Fells Plaza-Suite 105
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Pediatric Center
Fells Plaza-Lower Level
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At the Bloomfield Institute of Therapy Pediatric Center, we evaluate each child and determine strengths and weaknesses, address family concerns, and develop an individual treatment plan that will incorporate the most appropriate therapy approach and techniques for the child. We educate families on the techniques that are utilized during each session and then provide ideas of carryover into your daily activities. Goals are often reached by using play-based, child-centered, family-friendly approaches.

  • The Bloomfield Institute of Therapy Pediatric Center offers the following services:

    • Physical therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech and Language Therapy
    • Handwriting Groups
    • Social Skills Training/ Play Groups
  • Children come to the Bloomfield Institute of Therapy Pediatric Center to develop sensory processing abilities, fine-motor skills, speech and language skills, motor adaptive skills as well as, visual motor/perception, feeding skills, communication, play, and social abilities. Children experiencing difficulties in these areas may exhibit one or more of the following:

    • Limited gross-motor abilities
    • Over and under reactions to movement, touch, sights, sounds, and other sensations
    • Limited ability to organize self
    • Poor attention to tasks and focus
    • Erratic arousal level of alertness
    • Poor balance and coordination
    • Clumsiness or frustration in motor activities
    • Difficulty with fine-motor skills and school performance
    • Poor handwriting
    • Difficulty with reading and spelling
    • Difficulty expressing self
    • Unclear speech patterns
    • Frustration when others do not understand
    • Inconsistent ability to follow directions
    • Listening and auditory processing difficulties
    • Problems, ucking, eating, and/or swallowing
    • Poor play and interactive/social skills

Frequently Asked Questions about Therapy Services:

  • How long will my child require therapy services?
    The length of time that a child receives therapy is dependent on his/her individual needs. Treatment plans
    and goals are reviewed periodically to determine therapeutic progress and the need for additional therapy. In consultation with parent(s) and child, therapy is discontinued as soon as therapeutic goals have been met or therapeutic benefits have been maximized. It is not uncommon for a child to need 50 to 80 sessions, typically
    30 minutes one to three times per week.

  • What do I need to do as a parent to ensure that my child gets the most out of therapy?
    Participation in home programs will affect your child's success in therapy to a great extent.  Because the therapeutic contact time is limited, home exercise programs are necessary to cement skills and strategies. 
    The quality of the home program will help determine the length of time required to reach the child's therapeutic goals.

  • How is therapy at Bloomfield Institute of Therapy Pediatric Center different from that offered at
    the child’s school?

    In order for your child to receive school-based services with an IEP, he/she must demonstrate an educational need as per the school based support team. School based therapy is designed to aid the child to be functional within the school environment. This does not mean that the child’s performance is optimized. At BIPOT, we want
    to see your child reach his/her full potential in home, community and school environments.

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